The Practice

Founded in 1977, HIJJAS Architects + Planners is a Kuala Lumpur-based practice that provides architectural consultancy, urban and town planning and interior design services rooted in the making of forms, holistic sustainability and geo-cultural sensitivity.


Imagination is the foundation of our architecture. A pen stroke shapes a form that then defines a silhouette, that immutable building trademark instantly recognisable and remembered by all.

We create character and visual delight to give joy, to inspire and to celebrate the communities we are part of, and their wealth of heritage and diversity. Through expressive forms, we enliven spaces and experiences — for life and living, work and play, rest and recreation — by imagining new paradigms that encourage interaction, habitation and usability.

Shaping Sustainability

To build for the present is to build beyond one’s lifetime, as we strive for long-term equilibrium in the built and natural environments.

At HIJJAS, shaping places and buildings means applying our extensive sustainable design knowledge and knowhow to every project we undertake. From passive design to greener materials, energy efficiency and resource management, we employ the latest technologies and standards to reduce the impact of building construction and provide resilient climate adaptive architecture beneficial to humanity and planet.

Designing For Place

By understanding the spirit of any given location, we can unlock its full design potential and extrapolate evocative, meaningful solutions.

We look at context — be it urban, suburban or the great outdoors — through the lens of placemaking that help us create or strengthen a site’s unique identity. It is an approach underpinned by social and historical narrative intrinsic to bringing sensibility and richness to a project and its environment.

Our People

The HIJJAS leadership team comprises highly experienced architects with domain expertise in design, town planning, BIM, green buildings, project management, documentation and contract administration among others.

We combine a team-based approach with a collaborative mindset on all projects to deliver optimal and sustainable solutions for our clients and stakeholders.